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We moved to Cayman 21 years ago. Nick is in the Finance Sector, Avril is an artist and Dan works in hospitality. One thing we have in common is the enjoyment of good food and our passion for maintaining health through nutritious eating; so we created Orcim Micro BT.
We grow pure and organic microgreens in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. All of our seeds are acquired from a reputable source, are non GMO and organic. Growing in pure rain water and organic coconut fibre pads, we can ensure consistency of a high quality product. We tend to our plants daily to bring you the freshest, the healthiest and most nutritious Microgreens in Cayman!
Our product is delivered in food-safe trays whilst the plant is living. The trays are then recycled back into production after they are collected. There is no harvesting of the plant until you are ready to serve, bringing you the most flavor and freshness possible!

Competitive Pricing 


Unparalleled Flavour Profile

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