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These red and dark purple microgreens are spicy, crisp, and zesty! Add some to any dish to give it a powerful kick! They go incredibly well with anything like salads, sushi rolls and sandwiches.


 Leeks have an onion taste that can add color and flavor to any micro salad. Long, slender greens look like miniature chives and can be used as an onion substitute in most any dish. Throw a haystack on a burger or throw them into a creamy pasta.


These greens start off with a hint of pepper when initially tasted, which then slowly turns to a sweet aromatic flavour. Great in soups, salads, pasta, eggs & roasted veggies


These peas are incredible in soups and salads. We encourage the use of both the shoots and pea & roots for maximum flavour!


This advanced microgreen packs a powerhouse of flavor when it's in the microgreen stage. Also known as Nasturtium shoots, these greens are becoming a popular addition to sushi since it has a similar spice to wasabi.


The flavour profile of Wasabi is unparalleled compared to any other type of green. The taste of mustard slowly creeps up on you when consumed. Fantastic addition to sushi rolls or any dish which requires an extra boost of flavour and spice.

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