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triton radish.heic


These red and dark purple microgreens are spicy, crisp, and zesty! Add some to any dish to give it a powerful kick! They go incredibly well with anything like salads, sushi rolls and sandwiches.



 Leeks have an onion taste that can add color and flavor to any micro salad. Long, slender greens look like miniature chives and can be used as an onion substitute in most any dish. Throw a haystack on a burger or throw them into a creamy pasta.



These greens start off with a hint of pepper when initially tasted, which then slowly turns to a sweet aromatic flavour. Great in soups, salads, pasta, eggs & roasted veggies

wasabi .heic


Wasabi microgreens, originating from the same plant as the fiery wasabi root, pack a potent punch of flavor within their delicate leaves. These vibrant greens boast a spicy, peppery taste reminiscent of their mature counterpart but with a subtler intensity, making them a unique addition to culinary creations



A delightful aroma and a concentrated essence of sweet, aromatic basil. These tiny greens possess the quintessential basil flavor—fresh, herbaceous, and slightly peppery—packed into their petite leaves. Their tender, vibrant green foliage delivers a burst of basil's distinctive taste, making them a versatile addition to a variety of culinary delights.



Use these deep purple tones to make your plate come to life! Our cabbage is packed to the brim with nutrients. Whilst helping to regulate blood sugar, cabbage microgreens also improve heart health, whilst giving you a huge dose of Vitamin C and K. These greens aren't as spicy as some of our others, but their nutrient value should not be overlooked.

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